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Workshops by

Jane Marie Griffin

Here are a variety of beading workshops on offer for groups and one-on-one tuition. I'm happy to travel to groups and can also provide tailor made workshops to your specifications.

Mug Shot 2022 - web.jpg
Queen Charlotte's Collar.jpg

Queen Charlotte's Collar

This necklace uses Chevron Braid stitch for the main body of work with Right Angle Weave to create the beautiful curve that follows the contours
of your neck.

We will also look at making a
toggle and loop clasp and there is an alternative bracelet for beginners.

Suitable for all levels of ability including

Round Peg in a Square Hole.jpg

A Round Rivoli in a Square Bezel!


Create square bezels for round Rivolis and completely encase the back, so no uncomfortable pointed backs.

Crystal encrusted rings complement the bezeled Rivolis and can be used together in various combinations.


Suitable for experienced beaders only.

Alhambra Stucco 2.jpg

Alhambra Stucco

Inspired by a visit to Alhambra Palace and the wonderful geometric stucco
designs. This bracelet uses layers of Right Angle Weave to create a sumptuous
crystal and pearl fabric, which is finished with a bezeled square Rivoli.

Suitable for intermediate beaders with a knowledge of Right Angle Weave and Peyote stitch.

Beaded Bobbles.jpg

Beaded Bobbles

This is a fun and simple little beaded bead that has lots of variations and can be used in a wide range of jewellery, including fastenings.

We will make a number of Bobbles during the workshop and will discuss various options for stringing them together.

Suitable for complete beginners

Spiky Spirals.jpg

Spiky Spirals

An exciting variation on spiral rope for those of you who like a challenge. We will create double & triple spirals full of spiky texture that can be use to create a necklace, a bangle or a focal point.


Suitable for intermediate to experienced beaders (A working knowledge of Spiral Rope is advised).


Mini Me!

I never like to take myself too seriously so here is my Mini Me! Have some fun creating a 3D character using Herringbone stitch and a wire armature. Then personalise with your own
Suitable for experienced beaders with a knowledge of Herringbone stitch.



Yazmina is a delightful little beaded element using circular Brick Stitch. It is double sided with a delicate texture and can be used to create a variety of items such as a bracelet, necklace, earrings and even three dimensional items, the possibilities are endless.

Suitable for intermediate beaders.

Tassel Tastic.jpg

Tassel Tastic

An extension of the Yazmina workshop, Tassel Tastic can be added to the Yazmina workshop to make a two day event or can be booked alone for more advanced beaders.

Suitable for experienced beaders only or those who have completed the Yazmina workshop.

Quatrefoil Cuff.jpg

Quatrefoil Cuff

If you have ever struggled with Right Angle Weave then this workshop is ideal for you. This beaded cuff project will help you to master the basic stitch and we also look at adding surface embellishment and working with a repeat pattern.


Suitable for beginners to intermediate beaders.

Please contact me if you would like to book a workshop or would like to discuss your requirements further.

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